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Residential New Construction Septic System Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Designs by Foster Survey Company

Foster Survey Company Residential New Construction Septic System OWTS Design

Foster Survey Company Residential New Construction Septic System OWTS Design

Foster Survey Company – Experienced and Professional Residential Septic System Designers

Foster Survey Company and RI Professional land Surveyor and RIDEM Class II Septic System Designer, Eric D. Colburn PLS, give the best value and highest quality residential new construction septic system designs throughout Rhode Island.

“Designing a new septic system is as much an art as it is a science,” said Eric D. Colburn PLS, “where there’s a false economy to paying for a fast, unrealistic, and cheap design. I’ve seen many poorly designed septic systems that cost more than advertised, waste time with countless approval submissions to RIDEM because of design oversights, and add unnecessary construction costs.”

New Construction Septic Systems Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) designs generally include undeveloped land (un-sewered areas) and are not designs considered Repair Septic Systems OWTS or Alteration Septic Systems OWTS, according to the RI Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) Rules &  Regulations.

Typically, we design a New Construction Septic System OWTS when:

  • You build a new house
  • You add more than one bedroom to your existing home
New Septic System OWTS

New Septic System OWTS

Septic System Design Steps

  1. Designing a New Construction OWTS  Septic System begins with a site assessment and Soil Evaluation testing to find the Seasonal High Groundwater Table. The Soil Evaluation testing also identifies the soil types and how fast water travels through the soils.
  2. We do a topographic survey to find the existing land grades and survey site features, like: soil test holes, wells, septic systems, walls, roads and driveways, buildings, and site constraints such as ledge outcrops, to name a few.
  3. We evaluate the Soil Evaluation data and topographic survey for the new septic system placement, house site, and well site, by RIDEM Rules & Regulations. We size the new septic system based on the total number of proposed bedrooms and the soils types.
  4. We review the preliminary OWTS septic system designs with you.
  5. We prepare an extensive and professional OWTS Septic System design plan and complete all RIDEM OWTS application and submission materials.
  6. We hand deliver every OWTS Septic System Design Application directly to the RIDEM Office of Water Resources in Providence, RI.
Foster Survey Company

Foster Survey Company

Foster Survey Company uses the latest 3D design software to create for you accurate septic system OWTS design models. Our 3D design software also allows us to easily test many design models at the same time, giving us the ability to choose the best septic system design for your land and site development plans. 3D modeling of the real-world, both existing and proposed, creates efficient and cost-effective septic system OWTS designs.

“In the past, hand-drawn and even computer drafted septic systems, formerly called ISDS,  took so much time to design, some designers forced one design into a site just to save time,” said Eric D. Colburn PLS, “but with our AutoCAD Civil 3D Building Information Modeling solution, we can quickly evaluate different septic system design models, with changes updating automatically throughout the design and plans. This saves you both time and money, while giving a reliable design”

Working with Foster Survey Company and Eric D. Colburn, PLS is easy and professional. We respect your need for prompt and expert service, and invite you to experience the value, experience, and quality our repeat customers keep returning to Foster Survey Company for all their professional land surveying needs.

If you need a New Construction Septic System OWTS design, then please visit our Store or Contact Us.

You can learn more by clicking here »»Foster Survey Company Septic System Services

About Eric D. Colburn, PLS

Eric D. Colburn PLS

Eric D. Colburn, PLS, president of Foster Survey Company, is a registered licensed Professional Land Surveyor,  licensed RIDEM Class II Septic System Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Designer, and Certified RIDEM Bottomless Sand Filter Designer, with nearly 30 years of experience in the land surveying and land development industries.  He is also the creator and publisher off the Professional Land Surveyor Source website EricColburn.com, where he publishes news, tutorials, virtual courses, training and coaching for professional land surveyors.

About Foster Survey Company

Foster Survey Company

Foster Survey Company is a Rhode Island Professional Land Surveying Company established in March of 1993. We are Registered Licensed RI Professional Land Surveyors serving all Rhode Island. Our core beliefs are to give superior professional land surveying services that benefit you with: Value, Experience, and Quality!

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